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Talismans and Turmoil

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About the Book

    Carissa Shae, the half-faerie apothecary from the island of Moss Hill, is setting sail to the legendary island of Hy Brasil. The whole of Moss Hill is counting on her to persuade the Tuatha de Danann to help them fight the unseelie, evil faeries threatening their shores. This ancient, powerful faerie race isn't likely to help, but when one of the passengers ends up dead, Carissa is more determined than ever. In her attempt to solve the onboard murder, Carissa might also solve a century-old mystery - one that could persuade the Tuatha de Danann to offer their assistance after all.



About the Series

Looking for a unique paranormal cozy mystery series that's lighthearted and fun? 

Settle into the cozy countryside of Moss Hill, where house-elves rent rooms, sprites live in gardens, a leprechaun is the best tailor in town, and a half-elf/half human named Carissa Shea owns a pharmacy known as The Seelie Tree Apothecary shop. Life couldn't be more idyllic for Cari, but healing humans and fae folk proves challenging at times, especially when secrets unfold in The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries.