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The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries

Chaos in the Countryside

Prequel Novella

   An island of human and fae residents receives an unexpected visitor, and the chaos begins.

Elixirs and Elves

Book 3

The elves of Mount Vale are throwing a Christmas Party open to all islanders, but someone has taken this as an invitation to kill.

Herbs and Homicide

Book 1

    When a customer dies in Carissa Shae's apothecary shop, all is not as it seems. 

Charms and Changelings

Book 4

Valentine's Day is a time for appreciating loved ones, but what happens when those Carissa loves are not themselves? 

Remedy and Ruins

Book 2

    All Hallows Eve town celebrations at Fairfield Castle are put on hold when the owner is pushed from a window by a shadowy figure.

Potions and Panic

Book 5

Election time means a mayoral run, but Mossies may be running for their lives when word of their magical island spreads across the United Kingdom.

Talismans and Turmoil

Book 6

Carissa is off to find the mythical island of Hy Brasil to seek help for Moss Hill, but a death at sea throws the mission off course.

Tonics and Turning Points

Book 7

Carissa's wedding day becomes a struggle between life and death.

A Sassy Sleuth's Mystery Series

Hot on the Heels

Book 1

   Kaitlyn Sasse has quit the runway to return to her hometown, where mysteries abound and a handsome PI is looking for an assistant. 

Head Over Heels

  Kait Sasse, PI assistant, must convince her boss to investigate a murder in which her friend's cosmetics line is implicated. 

Heels Dug In

   Kait Sasse, and her boss, PI Aeson East must pose as a couple on a cruise owned by an old school friend, who is distraught by the growing list of missing passengers. 

A Witch's Thrift Shop Mystery Series

Mysterious Merchandise

Book 1

When Alice Adelcraft follows a black cat into an alleyway, she finds a street that wasn't there yesterday and a dead body!

Spellbinding Sales

Book 4

As a storm rolls into Urbana, Alice searches for a dangerous warlock threatening the people she loves.

Bewitching Bargains

Book 2

A Witch's Thrift Shop employee has gone missing. Can Alice find her before the non-magical community is blamed?

Wicked Wishlists

Book 3

Wealthy wizard Baz Delvaux is accused of killing his uncle, but Alice doesn't believe it. Is she right or has she simply fallen for his charms?





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